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The community of Swansea is a leader in the recycling industry. Here at High Mount, we do our part as well. Located on school property are bins for Community use. We have a bin for paper goods and a bin for clothing. The paper items that may be dropped off are:

We CAN NOT recycle construction paper, carbon paper, phone books, cereal boxes, soda boxes, etc.

The Clothing items that can be recycled are:

This program provides necessary monetary assistance to the school for our Technology sustainability.
We also recycle ink cartridges, laser cartridges and cell phones. Please drop them off in the school office.
Thank you for your help in saving the environment.

Hardback and paperback books can be recycled at Long Acre Park Recycling Center

Belleville Recycling Center (233-2425) on Hecker Street (close to the Belleville Swimming pool) pays for several items that are often thrown away. Some of these items include: Electrical cords (old extension cords, electrical cords from old appliances, and cords from computers, televisions, etc), Small motors, Aluminum (doors, siding, cans).

Phoenix Recycling Center and Shredding (235-2712) at 711 South 16th Street recycles: Computers, Televisions, VCR's, Printers, and Scanners.
Several of these require you to pay a small fee but they hire handicapped workers and actually take computers apart and recycle what is possible.

Radio Shack recycles rechargeable batteries. You will need to take them to the store.

If you have any questions, please contact Jackie Brenner, 233-1054 ext. 113.
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